Week 11 – Master Key 2018: Positive Signs of Finding a Hero

Nikki Kendall Josh - Dec 2017My wife has dealt with dialysis for over two years due to a hereditary condition called Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD).  Her journey has been well documented at www.KidneyForNikkiBrooks.com.  As we start the holiday season, I am grateful to know that success is everywhere.  As we anticipate the appearance of our hero — a living kidney donor — I know that there is an abundance of success around us.

In general, sometimes we don’t have success it is because we are actually blocking it.  Often it is our own resentments that block the flow of divine energy.

We tend to be fascinated with how things like mobile phones and remote controls work.  Why are we often not fascinated about learning how our minds work?   Our minds are a much greater mechanism.

From our MKMMA readings:

The truth must be told to each generation and to people in new and different terms, so that when the Great Teacher said — “Believe that ye receive and ye shall receive” or, when Paul said — “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” or, when modern science says — “The law of attraction is the law by which thought correlates with its object”, each statement when subjected to analysis, is found to contain exactly the same truth. The only difference being in the form of presentation.

Like attracts like in the mental world.  Our faith is manifest through the Law of Attraction.  One of the best-selling books of all-time is Think and Grow Rich.   Notice that the first word of the title is THINK.

When you know that you know that you always keep your promises (especially to yourself), you will have self-confidence beyond measure.

Who wants to wake up every morning needing to ‘overcome fear’?   No one does.   The idea is to eliminate fear completely.   When you keep the promises you made to yourself, it becomes a successful habit.  You can start with writing down small tasks and creating the habit of doing them without fail.  You can start with organizing your office, or any normal task, by a specific date.  Before you know it you are effortlessly completing a so-called ‘bigger’ task such as making 10 calls per day to grow your network marketing business.  Your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between small/easy tasks and big/hard tasks.  You create a habit of actually doing everything you write down.

Fear eliminated.

Persistence is not a characteristic.  Peristence is a habit.  Know that ‘not quitting’ is not the same as Persistent Action.  And Persistent Action is easier once fear has been eliminated.  To have the Persistent Action you need for success (including wealth creation), you will need:  (1) A definite major purpose (DMP) backed by a burning desire, (2) A written plan of action (WPOA) expressed in continuous action, (3) A positive mental attitude (PMA), with your mind closed to all negative thought, and (4) a Master Mind Alliance, such as the course I am in, or it can be communication with an individual or group with whom you are in total harmony.

Success = DMP (Definite Major Purpose) + PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) + WPOA (Written Plan of Action) + MMA (Master Mind Alliance)

Check this out this video example of a Positive Mental Attitude:

I am elated to be a Servant Leader who knows, goes and shows the way, and because of this I am very wealthy for life.

I have come so far already.  Today I begin a new life.

It is definitely time to ‘Think and Grow Rich’.

Thomas Brooks

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