Week 15 – Master Key 2018: Why Resolutions Fail and What to Do Instead

Stream Weekly BP - Dec 2017The majority of Americans drag themselves to a job they no longer like while they simultaneously worry about getting fired.  There is something different that you can build.  Start by watching a 4-minute video:  http://www.StreamBP.info

But my plan for time freedom and financial freedom is not a “resolution” I just created for the new year.

Don’t make “resolutions”, and don’t only think about your dreams on January 1st.   If you want something in any area of life, don’t think about anything else daily except the positive thing that you want.  Do not think about anything that you want to remove from your life.

For example, you cannot efficiently get rid of debt by thinking about… debt.

It is all about the Law of Growth.

Can you get out of debt by constantly thinking, ‘I need money, I am in huge debt’?  Not for long AND you are making it harder by thinking about ‘need’ and ‘debt’, actually growing the tendency to have situations that create more ‘need’ and ‘debt’.  You would want to focus on being wealthy for life, instead.

You can’t claim your reward, if you continue to cling to what you lack.  We reap what we sow, exactly.  We must entertain only desirable thoughts (e.g. success, servant leadership, kindness, wealth, health, etc.).  We must use only harmonious language.  The Law of Growth tells us this:

Law of Growth – Whatever we think about grows. What we forget atrophies. 

You want to starve your shortcomings to death.   If Laura wants to lose weight, she should not think about “dieting”.  This is because she will keep ending up in a situation where she needs to “diet” over and over and over.  Instead, Laura should focus on the virtues of moderation, or true health.  Use the Law of Growth in your favor.

This month, I personally am focused on the virtues of industriousness, kindness and competitive greatness.

Awareness is the beginning of change.  If you want something, don’t think about anything else except what you want.

I am elated to be a Servant Leader who knows, goes and shows the way, and because of this I am very wealthy for life.

I have come so far already.  Today I begin a new life.

It is definitely time to ‘Think and Grow Rich’.

Thomas Brooks

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