You Have Found a ‘HERO’

Meetup Logo - BWe have started a new Meetup group named the Houston Entrepreneurial Resource Organization (HERO).   Our HERO events help you become a ‘hero’ or ‘shero’ in your own life. And we have fun doing it. Our interactive events build on solid leadership and entrepreneurial skills from masters such as John Maxwell, Robert Kiyosaki, Og Mandino, Napoleon Hill, etc.

Some of the Fun Things We Do Are:

Professional Networking, Speed Networking, Power Breakfasts, Rich Dad Philosophy / Cashflow Game, Coaching, Workshops and Seminars, Leadership Assessment, Masterminding, Community Service, Mentoring, Home-Based Entrepreneurial Opportunities, Communication Skills, etc.

There are 4 Meetup events posted as of today.   More events to come.

Meetup membership is FREE.

Please click and join our group today.   RSVP to any events that you want to attend.

Our goal is help more people become successful entrepreneurs so they can improve themselves, their finances, and their lives.

Join now:

These days I always ask myself, “What would the person I intend to become do next?”

I am elated to be a Servant Leader who knows, goes and shows the way, and because of this I am very wealthy for life.

I have come so far already.  Today I begin a new life.  It is definitely time to ‘Think and Grow Rich’.

Thomas Brooks